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Vanilla Extract Recipe

on December 9, 2012

Glass Jars
Vanilla Bean Pods
Bottle of Vodka

Instructions on making homemade Vanilla Extract:
■Slice two vanilla bean pods down the center and then place them in the glass jar.
■Next I filled the jar with vodka. –simple as that!
■Then let it sit in a dark cupboard for 2 months
■Shake it every once in a while.

After two months, it is ready to use. The best part is periodically you can just keep filling it with vodka and it will last forever! (well, maybe not forever, but years!)

To give this as a gift, I dressed the bottle up using some scrapbook paper & embellishments along with a tag & ribbon at the top for a super cute gift! This would make a great teacher gift, too (although it wouldn’t be ready in time for the start of the school year) – but could make a nice teacher Christmas gift or giftie for Teacher Appreciation Week.

(from thrifty nw mom)


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