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Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe

on November 11, 2012

14 oz. Bar of Soap
1/2 Cup Borax
3/4 Cup Washing Soda

5 Gallon Bucket
Stick Blender
Food Blender
Cheese Grater
Small Pan

You can also make this recipe with a traditional “Fels Naptha” or “Zote” brand bar. Both work very well. If you happen to make some homemade soap and accidentally used too much Lye, making the soap permanently caustic… don’t worry… it works GREAT for laundry. Just follow these instructions and put it to good use!

Grate the 14 oz. bar of soap into “Soap Noodles.” Process the “Soap Noodles” into “Soap Particles” in your food blender.

Bring 6 Cups of water to boil. Add the 14 oz. of processed soap and whisk completely. All soap particles should be dissolved within 1-3 minutes.

Fill the 5 Gallon Bucket half way with Hot Water. Add the liquified soap, Washing Soda, and Borax. Blend the solution completely with Stick Blender. Fill the 5 Gallon Bucket to the top with warm water, and seal with lid.

After allowing the soap to rest for 12 hours you will be rewarded with a gelatinous liquid soap.

1/4 cup per laundry load yields good results. Don’t be surprised if it sets up like jello, just stir it up, and it’s perfectly fine.

Enjoy this inexpensive alternative to expensive laundry soaps.


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