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Homemade Margarine

on November 5, 2012

1/2 c. non dairy milk (we used soy)
1 c. oil (we used canola;
either use a mild oil or something you are okay tasting)
salt to
tumeric (opt.)
a few drops of lemon juice

Blend the milk on highest setting.

it is blending, drizzle in oil slowly and continue blending.

Stop when it
gets to a decent thickness.

Add salt to taste and blend until well
combined. I add some, then taste, then add some more till I like it.
(You can
also add the tumeric and lemon juice here. Or any other herbs you want to

Since the recipe said that the lemon juice was to help keep it from going bad,
we didn’t worry about it either.

It is not as thick as regular margarine
but it tasted fine and worked well on things like pancakes and bread.


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