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Luxurious Whipped Sugar Scrub

on July 5, 2012
  • 4 tbsp. Purified water— free.
  • 16 oz. Coconut oil— approx. $8 for a 16oz jar.
  • 4 cups Sugar (white granulated is fine)— approx. $3.50 for a 4lb. bag.
  • 2 tsp. Essential or fragrance oil of your choice (lemongrass is my favorite!)— approx. $5.30 for a 2oz. bottle (you’ll have plenty left over for making more scrubs later!)
  • Mixer.
This recipe should make about four 8oz. containers. You can divide into smaller batches if you desire. Don’t worry about having extra. These scrubs will keep for 6 months to 1 year if sealed properly. I guarantee that once your family members get a whiff of these yummy scrubs, you’ll be lucky if you can keep your hands on just one of them for yourself!
First, melt down your coconut oil in the microwave. You should probably heat at 30-second intervals so you don’t overheat your oil. You don’t want to boil it, just melt it. Then pour into a glass container. I use a large glass Pyrex mixing bowl.
Put the glass bowl in the fridge until the coconut oil is hardened back up. Add your 4 tbsp. of water. If it is really hard, you’ll have to stick it back in the microwave and soften it up a bit until you’re able to use your mixer to whip the coconut oil and water together. Whip the two until it’s nice and fluffy-like. This should only take about 30-60 seconds. Start adding your sugar 2 cups at a time. You should have a nice whipped consistency of oil and sugar.
Now, just add your 2 teaspoons of whatever essential oil or fragrance oil that you choose. Scoop into any glass or plastic jars you have and you’re done!
This makes my skin so soft and it’s not greasy.

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